Birthday wishes, messages and quotes

There is one special day in every year for every person. No matter what gender, age, nationality or religion – every human have a birthday. Celebrated widely around the world, this individual day is a special time for many, especially in culture of The West.

Birthday literally means just that – day of birth. When a child abandons body of it’s mother and begins a life of it’s own. Of course noone can remember when he was born, knowledge about that is given by parents, who in first years of their kid celebrate this day, even before it can understad it. Later, children tend to grasp this concept, and usually wait longingly for presents, party or funny costumes. In many cultures birthday, in which young one achieves formal or not adultery is especially important. In present times it is oftenly a party with friends and alcohol – finally legit. Then years come and come, and some people (more often than not women) tend to look with a sadness on passing years and realise how much time they have lived. It happens around forties. Of course, birthday is still a happy fete, but with a drop of nostalgia. There is even a special term for that situation – midlife crisis.

There is a common of wishing good things to persons celebrating their birthday – by family, friends, co-workers, other known people or even business partners. People oftenly choose usual birthday wishes, like wishing good health, money, luck and love or further successes in career. But sometimes, they want to say something not such trivial and invent something especially specific for wishes’ recipient. Or choose texts prepared by other people – there are many books and sites on internet with prepared texts for birthday messages for SMS, e-mail or other communicators. Of course, many of them are just plain, simple words, but you can find more elaborate forms – including poetry, with rhymes or not.

Not surprisingly, there are many known birthday quotes – by philosophers, actors, celebrities and politicians. Number of said and written words in that matter only shows how important in human’s culture it is. Some of them are especially intriguing, like these two:

“Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.”
– Jean Paul, german writer
“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.”
– William Barclay, scottish priest

birthday wishesEveryone have someone to give wishes at their’s birthday. Parents, grandparents, partner, girlfriend, boss, cousin or a friend from army times. It depends on each one of us, but imagine how much joy you can give by sending or personally telling personal, specifically chosen wishes instead of plain “good luck, good health and much money”. Because that shows that you actually care about that person and spend time especially for them.

And this is where our site can help you – you can choose among many birthday wishes and surely you will find what you desire. For that one special person in your life. Or for many of them. We wish you fruitful efforts.